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Who we are

We were established in 2012 with the aim of serving orthopedic communities with novelty products and solutions. Like building blocks, our areas of activities have strong ties and competence. 


Today, we are representing many world-renowned brands and have a distribution and after-sales services network of 50 cities throughout Turkey. 


Due to our experience gained with face to face communication in time, we reflected our expertise in intramedullary nailing systems and created our native brand Dunitech. Therefore, our company is like a mini-ecosystem that engineers, designs, manufactures and markets orthopedic devices.


As OLIGA team, we are here to provide a technology-oriented service that puts people and their wellbeing at the center.


For those who opt for Oliga;

Success is a Choice

About Us





To be the most reliable design and manufacturing partner in Intramedullary Nail production in Turkey by 2030, using sustainable and renewable energy-driven engineering and production methods.

Produce orthopedic implants designed to enhance the comfort of patients, doctors, and business partners.

Our Values



Partner Oriented: We view all of our customers, suppliers, and employees as our business partners, collaborating with a focus on quality and mutual success while prioritizing their preferences and demands.

Leadership: We lead the way in our industry and among our partners by staying ahead of the curve with ever-evolving technologies.

Innovation: We continually reassess our methods annually and continuously striving to adopt the latest and most effective practices.

Gain Trust: We earn the trust of all our partners by consistently demonstrating transparency, fairness, and honesty.

Act as a Family: We believe that the secret to success lies in unity and sharing, and we consider all our employees and business partners as part of our family

Value Proposition

As Oliga, we value patients, and we are eager to develop and improve medical devices that support professionals.

“Success is a choice” is a mission and a call for us in delivering innovative solutions for the orthopedic community.

Research & Development

Our engineering team works closely with reputable universities and research hospitals to improve our devices. The experience of healthcare professionals and the needs of their patients are in the center of Oliga’s product development.

Manufacturing & Quality

Oliga controls the manufacturing process every step of the way to warrant the excellent quality with high efficiency and minimum carbon footprint.

Sales & Marketing

Our highly skilled sales and training teams always have customer satisfaction as their top priority. Get in touch with us for any information you may need.

Code Of Ethics


As Oliga, we work to produce orthopedic implants that ensure the safety, effectiveness and comfort of patients, doctors, and our business partners by adopting the principle of "Quality Above All,". 

We take every step towards continuously improving our Quality Management System which complies with all applicable laws and regulations and strive to ensure its sustainability”. 

We see our employees as part of our family, providing training for their professional and personal development without any discrimination based on language, religion, culture, or gender, and we stand by their side. 

While doing all this, we respect resources and the environment and pay attention to using sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Quality Policy



After establishing domestic sales network in 2013, our Research and Development activities has been in our focus. In 2016, we have launched our R&D Project with TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)1507 Project in 2016 and successfully completed by 2018.


As a result, our branded Dunitech Claw Technology that bears novelties in distal fixing in intramedullary nails has been introduced to the market. All Dunitech branded products carry our promise; Easier Operation, Better Fixation.


At the center of our solutions, we aim to provide comfort for everyone in the healthcare system with minimally invasive and low-cost solutions with the ease of shorter operation time. We collaborate with reputable universities and research hospitals to observe, test, revise and improve our products.


dıstrıbutıon ın turkey

We have a wide distribution network with more than 200 points of sales and after-sales services throughout Turkey for delivering better service.

For those who opt for Oliga brands, success is a choice!

Distribution in Turkey
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